The Interiors

Partly inspired by the insistent pulse of soul and African music, The Interiors create songs based around deceptively simple riffs and rhythms used to frame frontman Chase Duncan’s singular vocal stylings. While vocals range from a melodic whisper to a visceral howl, Duncan’s ‘lead rhythm’ guitar meshes with Collin Jordan’s low end bass throb and Brian Lubinsky’s stripped down, distinctive drumwork to create limber yet driven grooves. Dynamics are key but remain understated, as the band eschews stompbox theatrics in favor of subtle variations on a central rhythm or progression which may often be the basis for an entire song. This approach is maintained through a wide variety of material, ranging from aggressive rockers to midtempo pop to gently pulsing requiescences. The trio’s sound is as broadly accessible as it is unique, with strong hooks and melodies, pleasurable rhythms, and a devotion to songcraft inherent in every tune.

The recently released EP ‘A Crooked Line’ showcases the range of The Interiors’ music over the course of five songs. From the straightforward pop/rock of the opening ‘Running Out Of Space’ to the hypnotically swaying narrative ‘All The Cities’ to the fiercely driven swing of ‘Rush Street, 1970’, The Interiors shift musical gears effortlessly while maintaining a cohesive group identity. With a sizable catalog of unrecorded songs and a continual push for musical growth, their debut should prove to be the first step in an evolution rather than a template for repetition.

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