The Interiors

These are songs from The Interiors debut EP 'A Crooked Line'.

  • Running Out Of Space - Straightforward rock and roll song loaded with hooks and a chorus that'll stay with you all day long. (clip only)
  • A Crooked Line - The title track and an unlikely crowd pleaser. Eerie falsetto woo-hoo-hoos drift over a slow, slinky groove.
  • Rush Street, 1970 - A relentlessly driving shuffle combines with slashing bass and guitar riffs to back a woeful tale of sexual obsession, tobacco abuse, and insomnia.
  • Song Of Complaint - Midtempo pop song with one of our more unusual arrangements. Layered guitars, lyrical observations and explorations abound. (clip only)
  • All The Cities - Travel narrative. Fingerpicked electric guitar with shades of Sunny Ade glides across circular drum patterns. (clip only)

Click the CD cover below to purchase a copy of 'A Crooked Line' for $4.99 plus S+H.

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