The Interiors

  • ... Steady-rocking opener "Running Out Of Space" is an auspicious beginning, but it's the title track that really gets the EP going. Stripping their sound to a staccato riff, snare rim-shots and oblique hints of bass, The Interiors leave ample space for Chase Duncan's vocals (imagine a smoother-sounding (Smog)). It's this element, particularly the "oohs" and "chaas", that creates the atmosphere, but the restrained backing is always ready to burst through, providing tension that's only half-released in brief guitar breakaways. The song's crescendo never breaks, but if anything that makes it more effective -- and in true minimalist style, no note is unnecessary. ... The mid-tempo "Song of Complaint", initially reminiscent of the Cure's "In Between Days" hook, demonstrates the band members' excellent chemistry, building to a glorious chorus that burrows into your memory. They've saved the best for last. Closer "All The Cities" is a soft-rolling blues travelogue in which a traveller recalls an old flame. It's hypnotically beautiful, and mostly built around a single chord; the lyrics are melancholy but never self-pitying. A fitting end to a fine EP, it meanders to a close leaving you thirsty for more. - Nick Norton, Splendid Ezine (1/3/2005)

  • This Chicago trio delivers a truly original blend of Chambers Brothers influenced R&B;, '60s garage rock and post-post-punk songwriting brilliance. Five songs is not enough, but that's all you get. Lead vocalist/guitarist Chase Duncan has a smoky, almost bluesy sound to his voice, and his guitar playing is understatedly perfect. The rhythm section moves easily from straight rock to smooth, white-boy funk grooves, then to quiet quasi rootsy ramblings. And there are some really interesting lyrics, as well. - Brian Mosher, BMO

  • ... stuff that's really too crafted to be indie-rock but nonetheless isn't abstract or technical enough to be math or post-rock or whathaveyou. Good songs in a most appealing style. - Jon Worley, Aiding and Abetting (12/1/2004)

  • The Interiors have put together a nice, eclectic set of songs that all have their own distinct style the EP ends with the highlight song, 'All The Cities'. - Yvonne Guzman,

  • The Interiors are going to easily eclipse most rockers out there ... - J-Sin, (11/5/2004)

  • A version of 'All The Cities' from an early demo has been leased to the manufacturers of MiniCooper autos for use in domestic promotional videos and European advertising.
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